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My Escapade in the Bushenyi Hills

Of the few places I’ve traveled so far, I still think Bushenyi has the most beautiful hills. They are like big green topped eggshells. During a week-long visit at a friend’s place over there, I tried to climb as many hills as I could to try and see all the different views from up there and to also see whatever else those pretty green egg-shell like hills could have hidden between them. And honestly, I was never disappointed. Up on the hills,

I found beautiful rocks where I could sit and take in wide-scope breathtaking views with a nice cool breeze. I was told that most of the hills had different owners who used them mainly to graze their cows and that it was okay for someone to rest there.

On one of my hill-escapade days, as I went deep into the hills, I happened to stumble upon a nice hidden lake. (I knew those hills had to be hiding things!). Later, I was told that the lake is called Lake Katonga and it has a fable on how it was formed. This how the fable goes.. Apparently there was an old lady, long ago, who was traveling through that village and she was very tired and thirsty. She asked the people in that area for some water but they all refused except for one lady who offered her some water. After drinking, the old lady told the lady who helped her to pack her things and leave that area because something bad was going to happen. The lady left, and the following day, a lot of water came out of the ground and swallowed everyone in that area that had refused to help the old lady! Yes, and in addition to that I also heard that sometimes the lake gets angry and the water rises up and it swallows anyone standing close it. And that it always swallows new people in the area who go near to it.! So I asked, how I survived considering that I had gone so close to the water? I was told that the lake had probably just swallowed someone in the near past and it was satisfied. Lucky me.

Trouvaille – when you discover something lovely by chance
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  1. Hi Daph just wanted say I enjoyed this post very much. Love that you included. But if local folklore into it. I’d love to visit Uganda one day and I look forward to reading more about it.
    The Mini Adventurer

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